I have always had a strong committment to teaching as well as performance. I believe that the best teachers bring a combination of a strong pedagogical background as well as the many lessons learned about music through performance.

These Lessons are designed for classical guitar students who have been playing for several years and have developed sitting and hand positions. They are not meant for the beginning student.  

The Following lessons will help to devolop the foundation for establishing a solid scale and arpeggio technique. Additional information, techniques, scales, and studies can be found in my books: Classic Guitar Technique Vol.1, 2, & 3 available from GSP and Strings by Mail.  http://www.gspguitar.com http://www.stringsbymail.com

I maintain a small guitar studio for the serious classical guitar student. 

Scale Lessons:

Lesson 1: Free Strokes

Lesson 2: Rest Strokes

Lesson 3: Preparation

Lesson 4: Moving the Forearm

Lesson 5: Positioning the Thumb

Lesson 6: Refining Left Hand Shifts

Lesson 7: Developing Right Hand Balance

Lesson 8: String Crossing

Lesson 9: Developing Speed

Lesson 10: Muting

Arpeggio Lessons:

Lesson 1: Pim & Pmi arpeggios

Lesson 2: Pia & Pai arpeggios

Lesson 3: Pima & Pami arpeggios

Lesson 4: Tremolo